One Intense Set to Stimulate Muscle Growth

With regards to building lean bulk it pays to be productive because the greatest factor to initiate muscle growth is the power and amount of stress you put on the muscles. Only by driving muscles to adapt to the stress they are put under will you trigger growth. It would be naïve to surmise that same outcomes originated from doing one very serious heavy set to failure versus 3-4 sets of the same exercise with higher reps and lower weights as it send different signals to your body.

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Surprisingly maximum muscle-building reports can be achieved by performing only one extraordinary heavy set with great frame and executed to failure. Failure is the time when you just cannot finish another rep without assistance or bargaining your shape.

So how can one extreme heavy set drive the coveted muscle growth we are after?

Incidentally muscle adapts – or develops – in response to the amount of stress we put it under, and the response is in direct relation to the force of the set performed. So it is not the amount of repetitions we play out that is the change to turn growth factors ‘on’, yet rather it is the power set forth and required in our most strenuous set that signals muscles to develop. Working 3 sets of an activity at say 10 repetitions, even performed with great power, will lead to greater muscle fatigue (tiring the muscles) – however not necessarily greater muscle growth.

The factor we are most concerned with is how exceptional our set is performed because how much we develop is in direct response only to the most extreme set. So it is only one set that makes the greatest difference, so we have to make that set count.

Presently the way to perform one great set is not as basic as racking the barbell with plates and terminating out 6 inconceivably tiresome reps and then packing it in. What we have to do is prepare our muscles for what is about to accompany warm-up sets first. I suggest starting without extending because rested muscles are ready for peak contraction as they have not been extended, save the extending for after the exercise. Next perform 6 reps utilizing a weight that is half of what you’re working set will be, then knock the weight to around 75% for 4 reps. Keep in mind the idea here is to get blood flowing to the muscles and prepare the joints and muscles for what is about to come.

After that we ought to be ready for an unassisted (no constrained reps) ultra serious arrangement of 6 reps that stretch us as far as possible. For the individuals who simply don’t “feel” that they have sufficiently done work can perform one additional set yet only if they strip down only a small amount of the weight and utilize the same high power. ‘Muscle Memory’ is a key factor in deciding how muscles develop so it is important that your last arrangement of the two is also heavy and extreme.

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